Setswana is a Bantu language that originated from Niger –Congo. It is a language spoken by Batswana people. Setswana being the official language in Botswana is a very interesting subject that is offered both in government and private schools. I would say Setswana is a very interesting subject in a sense that it uses rich language, full of figurative words that challenges the reader’s mind with its diction. It is our mother tongue therefore we are exposed to it more than other languages hence making it easier for one to express himself/herself with no difficulties. In today’s generation, Setswana seems to be dying as we have private schools where people can choose whichever subject they want. Batswana are no longer proud of their roots, they cannot even express themselves fully in this language, this even extends to their home places where English language always dominates the household that even when a child is given an assignment a Motswana parent will fail to assist. This poses a lot of difficulties on the teachers of the subject. The only solution to this matter is for parents to assist teachers to build a nation that is proud of who they are, where they come from so that this can also be passed to the coming generation. Teachers also are supposed to love the subject, come up with teaching strategies that are interesting and fun to make their subject more lively and intriguing so that students will learn to love and appreciate the subject. There are some benefits that comes along with this language that makes it more and more interesting, that is being given a free education where Batswana students who took the Setswana language as one of the subjects offered are being sponsored to go to tertiary level by the government of their own country. Career clinics should also include Setswana professions ie interpreters, news reading, tutoring just to mention a few. ( Primary and Secondary teachers )


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