Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the popular subjects at Newton International School. In ICT we aim to provide a safe, caring environment in which all students can achieve their potential whilst helping them to become independent learners and with the skills and knowledge which will help them in their future. We recognise that all students are individuals with their own learning styles and needs and so the curriculum has been chosen to ensure that all pupils are able to access information in order to be successful. The department is currently following the Cambridge syllabus (IGCSE). All staff within the department are passionate about ICT, and this is apparent in the way that ICT is delivered. In doing so we strive to ensure that all pupils have an excellent experience with ICT which they will find useful throughout their lives. Students today are using the immense power of digital media to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined. With this power, young people have extraordinary opportunities, and yet they face potential pitfalls, too. Some issues faced includes cyber bullying, digital cheating, and safety and security concerns. However, at Newton International we strive to equip our learners with skills that would safeguard them from these pitfalls as they prepare for the fourth industrial revolution.

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