School Uniform Code

-It is applicable for all learners to wear the applicable school uniform
-The appearance of the uniform should reflect some of the core values of NIS namely discipline, respect and neatness.
-We strongly advise Parents not to buy expensive peer pressure items (fashion glasses/watches ) that might form part of youth culture

Shirt:Yellow School Issue
Trousers: Navy Blue
Socks: Grey
Shoes: Black School shoes
Jewellery : Boys are not allowed to wear any fashion or jewellery or earrings
Jersey: School issue (Winter )
Blazer: School issue (Optional)
Ties: School issue (Compulsory to high school only )
Toppie :School issue

Shirt : A yellow shirt with our school logo
Trousers : School issue blue long trousers.Hipsters& skin tight trousers are not allowed
Socks :White School socks
Shoes : Girls black shoes with straps/laces .No pumps ,morning shoes or sandals
Jewellery :Girls are allowed one set of earrings in their ear lobes .No nail polish is allowed
Blazer : School issue (optional )
Jersey : School issues purple jersey (winter)
Muslim : Navy blue dress /Navy blue scarf school issue

A school tracksuit with the correct P.E Attire is available from the school .
A boys/girls school issue or purple swimming costume for summer.

Most items of school clothing are able to be purchased at our school.

School Dress Code

1.Hair should be kept neat & tidy & the fringe should not cover the eyes
2.Braids should be the same as the natural colour (black/brown) & no beads should be plaited into the hair
3.Braids should be tied at the back using scrunches/ribbons that are black/ purple/navy/yellow/blue
4.No hair pieces/wigs or hair braids are allowed
5.Only School issue hats or navy blue hats are allowed .Should not be worn indoors this includes the “hoodies” .
6. Boys should always wear natural hair without gel or any tints
7. Dreadlocks that form part of the youth culture are banned .No dreadlocks of any kind
8. No fashion hair styles are allowed

9. No learner is allowed to wear makeup
10. Nail polish is not allowed and any learner wearing it will be asked to remove it immediately
11. Artificial Nails are prohibited
12.Girls are allowed to wear one set of studs in the earlobes .No other visible piercing will be allowed at school .
13.Boys are not allowed any piercings adorned by rings of any kind
14.No Bangles or rings are allowed

15. Other institution school logos are not allowed
16. The school issue tracksuit can be worn as school uniform
17.In winter learners may wear Plain navy Blue/Black jerseys and jackets if its very cold .
18.In winter a plain yellow/blue scarf can also be worn.
19.In winter a plain blue/black “beanie “ can be worn outdoors

20.During P.E lessons learners may wear school issue P.E uniform with track shoes or navy blue trousers .
21.Swimming attire is purple .Swimming caps for girls are strongly advisable .

22.School issue ties are compulsory to the high school .
23.They are not to be worn as scarf or headband

Primary School Uniform

White Shirt
Navy Blue trousers
Jersey: purple
Track suits: School issue
Shoes: Black
P.E Uniform: School issue
Swimming Costume: School issue
Belt :School issue black belt
Tie : School Issue

Tunic Navy Blue :School issue
Blouse White :School issue
Jersey :School issue
Track suit :School issue
Shoes :School issue /black shoes
P.E Uniform :School issue
Swimming Costume :School issue
Tie :School issue

White top school issue ,Navy blue scarf –school issue ,navy blue trousers

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