Why Newton International School

Newton International School prides itself in providing Quality education at the most affordable price 


➢ Newton school was established in 2007 as a primary school.
➢ Expanded to Secondary level in 2012.


➢ Since its inception, it has been producing excellent results in PSLE exams.
➢ Number 1 in PSLE South East Region in 2018.
➢ Our 2018 IGCSE best student had 47 points the lowest being 32 points.
➢ Sports- We have various sporting codes, with the addition of hockey as new code in
➢ We joined BISA (Botswana Integrated Sports Association) in 2019.
➢ Tours-We have successful, informative and exciting National and International
educational tours.
➢ Discipline- Newton is one of the highly disciplined schools, which follows a strict
code of conduct.
➢ Highly qualified and professional teaching staff.


➢ The school is equipped with modern Science and I.C.T laboratories, library, swimming
pool and a multipurpose tennis court.
The school is looking forward to putting a lawn on the school grounds.


➢ Lowest school fees with a flexible payment policy.

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