Science Department

Hello! Welcome to the Science Department at Newton International Secondary School. As Newton International School we have a fully furnished, state of the art Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories which expose learners to a conducive environment where they learn through guided discovery. These facilities enable facilitators to deliver ‘wow’ lessons that help learners to excel in the subjects. Learning is mainly through experiments and thus students do not only learn to pass examinations but also for application in their day life routines and a strong base for their future careers.. It is due to these facilities and the learning experiences that we have more learners yearning to join the department. Why Sciences As Scientists at Newton International School we are miners of the fundamental principles of nature. We look at how and why, everything works the way it does. We ponder the laws of nature, and then examine how physicists, chemists and biologists can apply or convert these laws into commercial use, or further scientific use. In other words, we understand that everything around us is governed by the laws of science, including our lives. Finding how and why the laws work and then how we can use them to make technologies to advance human evolution is one of our aims. Furthermore, if Mother Nature does not work by laws, humans will not be alive. As the Science Department at Newton International School we work tirelessly to prepare our learners to make discoveries that will improve the life of Botswana citizens and the world over


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